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"Yoga is for everybody"


Yoga is a beneficial practice for body, mind and soul. Enjoy the physical benefits with increased vitality, fitness, strength, flexibility and a pain-free body. And the real prize: mental well-being.

MG Yoga classes utilize the breath to influence our mindset and cultivate energy, how you feel is everything! We work to keep the body and mind supple and strong as we move through life. The more we focus our mind on what we want the faster it manifests, achieve the life you desire!


Learn to stay focused and keep a positive mindset despite any external events and circumstances. Achieve contentment in your body and life now whilst moving towards your goals. Live life fully now, release the past and cultivate a quality of awareness and consciousness to manifest your best life. Learn to maintain your focus exclusively on your desires, and not waste any energy on that which you don’t want. This is a skill that yoga teaches, this is at the core of my yoga classes.


I offer a variety of different yoga styles to make yoga's benefits accessible to as many as possible

*KUNDALINI YOGA is a strong, dynamic, deeply transformative, practise designed to cultivate energy, strength, flexibility, focus and awareness and remove blocks on all levels.

*MENOPAUSE YOGA is a class that is designed especially for those going through perimenopause and menopause. This class aims to maintain flexibility and physical fitness, manage stress and provide information and tools to alleviate many of the symptoms including anxiety, weight gain, loss of confidence, hot flashes, mood swings and sleep issues. 

*YIN YOGA is a floor-based, slow-paced, meditative practise suitable for all.

*ANTI-AGEING YOGA is a class that is designed to keep you young. This class aims to build energy, maintain flexibility, strength and physical fitness. we use acupressure points, meditation and relaxation techniques to keep the body and mind feeling young and achieve quality sleep.

I also offer online private, small group, prenatal, special event, corporate and group yoga classes including Vinyasa, Yin, Hatha, Menopause, Anti-aging and Kundalini Yoga and or Meditation from my garden studio in Thirroul.

Focusing on total wellbeing, all ages, levels, body types and abilities welcomed.

As long as you can breathe you can do yoga. 



MG Yoga - 100 Princes Hwy Thirroul NSW 2515

MG Yoga is a bespoke Yoga Studio, surrounded by nature, situated in a hidden valley on the left going up Bulli Pass. Please drive down our concrete driveway, it is long, steep and safe. There is plenty of parking and room to turn around at the bottom.

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Senior Registered Teacher Yoga Australia
Megan Gilbert Teacher
Menopause Yoga Accredited Teacher
Kundalini Yoga Registered Level Two teacher
Megan Gilbert (Meherbani Kaur)
Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher
Senior Registered Teacher with Yoga Australia.
Accredited Menopause Yoga Teacher

KRI Certified Practitioner of Kundalini Yoga - Level 2 Teacher 

Megan has been practising yoga since 2000 & teaching yoga since 2005 & Kundalini Yoga since 2014. Her classes derive inspiration from many yoga lineages including Hatha, Kundalini, Iyenger, Astanga, Bikram, Power Vinyasa, Yoga with Weights & Alchemical yoga.


She is passionate about yoga & believes that Yoga is beneficial for everybody! The aim of her classes is to make yoga accessible for all in a comfortable & non-judgemental environment. She focuses on correct alignment & movement patterns to facilitate an agile & pain-free body, with breath work & meditation to cultivate a calm & focused mind. There is no wrong or right, just where you are in the moment & the most appropriate expression of the pose for you. 


Yoga is an energetic practise, just as life is, a way of transforming energetic vibrations into physical manifestation. We work on all levels of being - physical, emotional, mental & spiritual - to remove  any physical, mental or emotional blocks or patterns that no longer serve us. This works to reduce stress & anxiety and cultivate a positive outlook. Over time this transformative practise changes lives from the inside out, fostering inner peace & acceptance whilst manifesting dreams.

Trainings & Qualifications:-

2004-2006  - Advanced Diploma Yoga Teaching with Nature Care College (720 hrs), Sydney Australia with Mark Breadner, Eve Grzybowski, Sal Flynn, Sinder Kaur and Dr Shaun Matthews.


2011 - Yoga of Sound Training for Yoga & Meditation Teachers (16 hrs), Melbourne Australia with Anahata Giri


2014 - KRI International Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training (220 hrs), Sydney Australia with Sat Sarbat, Satmukh Singh & Kathryn McCusker.


2018 - Yoga Therapy for the Structural System with Guru Ram Das Centre for Medicine & Humanology (54 hrs) with Sherry Brourman


2020 - Xen Strength Yoga with Weights Teacher Training (20 hrs)


2021 - Menopause Yoga Teacher Training  with Petra Coveney (40 hrs) 


2016-2022 - Level 2 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training from KRI International (300 hrs) Australia and Europe.

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